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MUSIC AND CINEMA : On July 27 the Federico Cesi Musica Urbis Festival opens with an evening dedicated to FELLINI

On Monday 27 July , at 8.30 pm in the splendid location of the Nymphaeum of Villa Fabri in Trevi (PG),
the 13th edition of the Federico Cesi Musica Urbis Festival will be inaugurated. The protagonists are cinema and
great music. The event, inspired by Fellini’s Book of Dreams, will offer an unusual cross-section of the great director, read not only in his artistic dimension, but also in the human and earthly dimension of man with his paradoxes and desires. 100 years after his birth, Fellini shows the human dimension, sometimes problematic, of a being who knew how to sublimate the most hidden fears through cinematographic art: the Book of Dreams is a dream diary where Federico Fellini, from the early 1960s untilin August 1990, he notes and illustrates through drawings and captions his own daydreams, bizarre and nightmares, outlining characters and figures according to his light, easygoing and mischievous style. The dramaturgical path of the show Felini 100: the Oniric Imaginary …, underlines the director Nicola Napolitano, stages the story of a brilliant artist who, perpetually struggling with his own creativity, traversed by fear, by the anguish of failure, from continuous feelings of inadequacy, of bewilderment, he embarks on a colorful salvific journey into the abyss of the unconscious, where he witnesses the
projection of images that reveal the creative dimension of childhood, doubts about the construction of one’s own identity, the desire to escape and escape, the exaltation of sex combined with the conflicting vision of women as a projection of male ghosts, the creative crisis, the feeling of decay and death. Nino Rota, with his unforgettable melodies, was able to splendidly interpret the complex and fascinating world of Federico Fellini, always oscillating between dream and reality: Francesco Proietti  clarinet, Federico Ferrari guitar, Francesco Moretti accordion will perform the most beautiful and famous melodies of Rota for the elaboration of Stefano Palamidessi.
Goes on Tuesday 28th Julyprogramming dedicated to Music and Cinema with the poetic and
surreal world of Buster Keaton . In ” Music for Chases and Capitomboli ” The Jazz trio formed by
Alessandro Gwiss piano, Andrea Avena bass and Josè Mobiliapercussion, will sound live the most famous films of the American director for a 1920s experience. Buster Keaton is universally considered one of the greatest directors of the silent film era, Jazz music is the sonic language par excellence of this era in America and our trio will play three of his best short films: Cops, The Playhouse and One week , shot between 1920 and 1922. Jazz music will help the viewer to re-read Keaton’s cinema with the sensitivity of our time and to grasp the universality of his artistic message. The trio dialogues with Keatonian images aiming to highlight the explosive comedy and the surreal, dreamlike and deeply poetic vein of the great director. Federico Fellini himself used to say «… the situations faced by that indecipherable, lunar,
Friday 31 July the evening will be dedicated to the OPERA .
At 9.30 pm at the Matteo d’Acquasparta Auditorium in Acquasparta (TR) some of the most beautiful and famous opera arias by Verdi, Bellini and Puccini will be performed.
The Music & Wine evening will also offer free tasting of doc wines from the Cantina Ponziani in Orvieto, a production reserved for the Festival.
 The event was also conceived as a Charity Night with fundraising for the Oratory of the Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Acquasparta: admission will be free with a free offer.

The booking of the events with free admission and the purchase of tickets for the Festival concerts will be possible at the following link 
or at the page www
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08.13.2020 – BEETHOVEN 250: Recitals dedicated to Ludvig van Beethoven begin on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth and to the great names of the classical


BEETHOVEN 250 : Recitals dedicated to Ludvig van Beethoven begin on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth and to the great names of classical music
In the third week of programming, the Federico Cesi Musica Urbis Festival dedicates ample space to one of the greatest geniuses of classical music. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth, the festival celebrates Ludvig van Beethoven with a series of dedicated concerts that will make the public listen not only to the best known works, but also to the lesser known and more intimate works of the composer. All the concerts of the CELEBRATION series are scheduled in Trevi (PG) in the splendid space of the Auditorium San Francesco at 9.30 pm.
It starts on Monday 17 August with Excursus: Organ eviolin from the Baroque to the 1900s, Angelo Bruzzese organ and Corrado Stocchi violin. The precious sixteenth-century organ built by Mastro Paolo Pietro di Paolo for the conspicuous sum of 80 florins in 1508 will be used for the concert. Despite the various restorations it has undergone, the organ is today one of the rare examples still in use and is often used for engravings also by international publishing houses. The concert will be a tribute not only to Beethoven of which Dances and Rondòs will be performed, but also to Tartini, Biber, Deberiot and Frescobaldi. On Wednesday 19 August the Celebration series continues with Carlo Putelli, tenor and Patrizia Gallo at the piano. The concert entitledBarocco al ‘900,

Beethoven 250: Adelaide offers a rare selection of lieder composed by Beethoven from a young age up to the famous Adelaide performed by the greatest singers of all eras. Tartini and Beethoven, two geniuses in comparison, are scheduled for the Celebration series
on Thursday 20 August . The concert will be a virtuoso encounter / clash of the two composers’ productions for violin and piano. Corrado Stocchi , violin and the Japanese M akita Akanè at the piano, permanent collaborator for Chamber Music at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, has recorded for Naxos the complete work for cello and piano by Giuseppe Martucci and for Brilliant the Piano Sonata by Dutilleux defined by critics as “one of the best of the whole discography ”(Risaliti).
The Celebration series closes on Sunday 23 AugustBeethoven and the Piano ”.
Could not miss a tribute dedicated to the more classically Beethoven repertoire and therefore to the great piano sonatas. Fiorenzo Pascalucci will be the protagonist of the piano recital: despite his young age,
Pascalucci is today considered one of the best Italian pianists, awarded in 2016 the prestigious “Giuseppe Sinopoli” prize, established by the Presidency of the Italian Republic and personally delivered by the President Sergio Mattarella , on the recommendation of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome.
Two appointments during the week will vary the Celebration program: on Tuesday 18 August the Baroque Gift concert will offer an exquisitely baroque repertoire for two oboes, soprano and basso continuo. Annalisa Pellegini soprano, Elisabetta Ferri harpsichord, Paolo Pollastribaroque oboe, former first oboe of the National Orchestra of the Academy of Santa Cecilia, Giacomo Silvestri second oboe. The sought-after repertoire will make people listen not only to the most famous pieces by Vivaldi, Handel and Telemann, but also the triosonatas of the Nordic JHRoman, Swedish composer of the early 18th century.
Wednesday 19 August but in the afternoon at 18.00 it will be the turn of Eliseo Smordoni, first bassoon of ‘Orchestra of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, permanent collaborator of Salvatore Accardo and who has recorded CDs for EMI Classic, RCA and Fonè. The concert offers some of the most beautiful pieces for bassoon both with piano and in instrumental ensemble.
At 12 and 18 in Trevi the iConcerts of the FH GIOVANI series with free access by reservation: the series, dedicated to the young rising stars of classical music, offers different repertoires and formations every day with musicians from all over the world.
The booking of the events with free admission and the purchase of tickets for the Festival concerts will be possible at the following link 
or at the page www
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